The aim of the Clemens Reutter Trust is to take disadvantaged children and their carers into the mountains where they can enjoy the peace and power of nature, fresh air and exercise.

In order to achieve this, money has been raised so that a “hut” in the mountains in southern Austria, in the Drau valley, overlooking Steinfeld, could be purchased. After some major renovations, the hut became available in the summer of 2014. Disadvantaged young people who are otherwise unable to benefit from the freedom and beauty of the mountains and mountain sports are now able to spend time in the hut.

The Trust aims to give these young people, who have had to endure suffering, hardship or illness, a reason to smile again, and to ignite in some of them the strength to pull themselves out of their difficult and often challenging lives by simply helping to motivate them and allow them to discover the power that lies within them. The Trust believes that the weeks spent in the mountains can give the children a sense of purpose, peace, energy and inspiration.

The Trust was founded in August 2011, when Clemens Reutter died, and to date more than 100 disadvantaged children and their carers have spent time in the mountains. The Clemens Reutter Volunteers provide all the food and entertainment for the children, which also allows the children´s carers to have some stress free time.