The days are filled with playing and walking, searching for mushrooms and berries. And then the ‘fruits’ of the walks are turned into meals and cakes! Weather permitting we always walk to the summit of the Gaugen, with a picnic and a camera! It is a highlight of the week.

There is a small stream not far away which can provide hours of fun. Throwing stones, jumping between the rocks, building a dam and so on.

The hut has limited electricity (from the solar panels) and water (from a nearby spring). Life without modern amenities is an exciting and sobering experience for young and old. It makes one realise what one takes for granted every single day!


Outside: hide-and –seek, building camps, ball games, camp fire etc

Inside: There are cards, games and puzzles in the hut, and plenty of coloured paper, felt pens, fabric, glue etc to make lots of different handicraft toys and pictures. The children usually write their own diary as well.


There is a railway station in Steinfeld im Drautal, and the hut can then be reached by 4 wheel drive car, taking about 35 minutes, on a steep track through the woods.