The last 2 weeks of August saw the Clemi Hut filled with lots of happy children and their carers! They came from SOS Pinkafeld, Burgenland and SOS Rechberg, Oberoesterreich and ranged in age from 7 to 15.

Once again we were hugely lucky to have an amazing group of volunteers, Ludmilla, Fiona and Kassian. Kassian is an old hand, having been with us for 2 weeks last year, and knows the hut, with it´s water containers in the cellar, sun panels on the roof and water container up the hill, like the back of his hand. Ludmilla and Fiona were not only excellent cooks but imaginative and creative with the activities and games they played with the children. Their experience at the Pfadfinder proved a great asset.

The weather was fine, fortunately, and there were lots of games outside. Plenty of walks, including the Gaugen Gipfel walk (2200 meters) which is always a highlight.

Annemarie kindly invited the children to tea and they are always fascinated by her small hut, with wood burning stove and outside loo. The simplicity in which she lives and the bare minimum that she needs for her 2 months alone at the alm always astounds the children. Her one luxury is her little radio!