Two groups of children came this year, from Moosburg and Pinkafeld. The Moosburg group kindly joined us at the last minute as the original group had had to cancel.
The warm weather was a bonus and so lots of time was spent outside with excursions to Annemarie, the top of the Gaugen and to the little stream near the hut. Chanterelle mushrooms were turned into a delicious Gulash (with dumplings) and freshly picked blue berries transformed a strudel!
The downside of the hot weather was a lack of water….. but with careful management and lots of visits to the spring, we managed to get through the 2 weeks without mishap. For next year we already have larger containers for the rain water (6000 liters) and plan to add another 3000 liters to the drinking water supply.
Our helpers, Francesco and Anezka, were brilliant! They played games with the children and also provided plenty of excellent food, and even succeeded in baking lots of delicious bread!  Well done and thank you!