At the beginning of July Anita and Karl Marte arrived to make themselves at home in the new “little” hut and prepare for the arrival of the SOS children.  Anita and Karl were the couple we had chosen to take care of the hut and the children and their carers during the summer months. Very experienced mountain people, used to living off,and with the land was second nature to both of them, with their wide knowledge of herbs, flowers, trees, animals etc They were the ideal couple for the job, and soon made many local friends.

In July and August the hut hosted 5 weeks of SOS children, from Lower Austria, Vienna, Upper Austria and Carinthia. 83 people in total, children and carers. The feedback that we had was extremely positive.

When the last children left at the beginning of September, Anita and Karl handed over the keys and we took up residence for two nights in order to pack up, tidy up and close both huts for the winter.

Anita and Karl had done a magnificent job. The hut was clean and ready, all the stores in the cellar in order. As usual they had worked not 100% but 200% to have everything shipshape.