Over 160 friends and family have contributed to this collection of memories, stories, poems and photos about Clemi. It is a moving document of 210 pages about his life, written in both English and German.

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Other Events

BUPA 10k Marathon London
Tom and Minnie Davies ran the BUPA 10km run in London. A fantastic achievement as they already had three little girls of their own and no help. So it was a huge feat. They raised €2430.

Amsterdam Marathon
Emma Schlee ran the Amsterdam marathon in October 2014. A wonderful show of solidarity and support. She ran the impressive time of 3 hours and 44 minutes and raised €2600.

Half Marathon London
Julitta Ward ran a London half marathon in October 2012, and raised €400 for the Memorial Fund.

Accessory Sale of the AWA
The American Women´s Association in Vienna had an Accessories Sale of scarves, handbags and belts and raised €1200 in November 2014.

The “3 Peak Hike”

A 40 kilometer hike from Gscheid to the Schneeberg undertaken by 100 friends and family of Clemens raised €140.000,- for the Fund, in June 2012.

1 Million Steps with Clemi

Constantin Leeb organised a hike over 10 days and a  distance of approximately 440 kilometers, from the spot where the car accident took place to Clemens´  grave in Stift Rein. Many of Clemens friends took part in this hike and were fed and watered by kind family friends on their entire journey.

1 Million Bites

Audrey Lee James organised a weekly dinner event in Vienna during the summer of 2012. She cooked, and they ate! The ingredients were mostly sponsored by kind well wishers and at the end of the meal everyone signed their names in different coloured pens on a Million Bite Poster. This now hangs proudly in the kitchen of the Clemens Reutter hut.